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Your Donations help.......

- Enhance & Improve jumps & course features
- Improve the footing for competitors
- Add new obstacles to the courses
- Maintain the stables and facilities

    Got a Minute? Ashley Van Camp tells you why you should donate to CHP

    Got a Minute? Marc Donovan tells you why you should donate to CHP

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    Click a link below to make a donation - Renderings courtesy of LandVest

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    Why should businesses care about the CHP
Currently the Park covers 85% of its operating costs through the various events and rentals. While we work on becoming 100% self-sufficient, we need your continued support and generous donations. Be a part of not only preserving our equestrian past, but investing in a strong and vibrant future! Donate today!

By making a tax-deductible donation to the Carolina Horse Park, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization you are directly supporting the land preservation, equine safety and education and the economic growth of our community. Be a part of growth at the Park.

CHP welcomes confidential inquiries to discuss potential giving options.
Please contact our Development Manager: Shannon Habenicht at (704) 779-6502 or email

Thank you to our Donors

We are so very grateful to all our Donors for their generous financial support

$25,000 or more
  Leslie Baldwin
  Annie W. Eldridge and Cap Kane
  Claire Reid
  Bryan and Kimberly Rosenberg
  Fleury Kelly Valdes

$20,000 to 24,999
  Robin Greenwood
  Jaquliene and George Ohrstrom

$15,000 to $19,999
  Anne H. Williams
  Lefreda S. Williams

$10,000 to $14,999

  The Buchanan Family Foundation
  Dr. Fred McCashin

$5,000 to $9,999

  Mark and Yvonne Hansman
  Rod Lynch
  Gilbert and Barbara Mudge
  Siena Engineering Group
  Audrey Wiggins
  Jo Ann Williams

$1,000 to $4,999

  Joseph Agresta
  Amy Bresky
  Bruce and Susan Buckley
  Cabin Branch Tack Shop
  Anne Carroll
  Jon Carter
  Richard T. Cavedo
  Jeffrey D. Chulay
  Lynn Dejaco
  ERB Foundation
  John and Shirley Gaither
  Gail Gittleson
  Mary Parrish Griffith
  Joan and Youel Hilsman
  Pam Kantorowski
  Alison Kelly
  George S. and Dianne F. Lucas
  Fleury V. Mackie
  Elizabeth Forbes Mangrum
  Mike Martone
  Erwin Bellamy McMerty Foundation
  Charles Plumb
  Marianne and Robert Price
  Jennifer Shattuck
  Thomas Smith
  Sue Smithson
  Richard and Anne Webb
  Mark Weissbecker
  William Ewing Foundation

$500 to $999

  Roger Anderson
  Marilyn Barnwell
  John and Lin Burgess
  Patricia Cameron
  Aggie and David Cohen
  Henry Dreher
  Sofie D. Franzen-Moyle
  Michelle Frazier
  Louise Freeman
  Karen Gatti
  Anna Gilbert
  James A. Granito
  Kathleen R. Gurley
  Carolien Maynard
  Karen McCollom
  William Redding
  Brown Sales
  Diane D. Snow
  Allison Stroud
  Anne Thompson
  Richard and Donna Verrilli

$100 to $499

  A.T. Allen and Company LLP
  Trey Adams
  Joan Addison
  Mary Bauman
  Paul Beavers
  Susan Beebee
  Emily Beshear
  Beth Bockoven
  Brassfield and Gorrie
  Priscilla Brczyszyn
  Jr. Robert and Catherine Clegg
  Kellie Cochran
  Allison L. Conrad
  Charles and Theresa Cook
  Susan Copple
  Robert O. Costello
  Charles Coulter
  Cheryl Cunningham
  Stephen Dahlem
  Maryann Davis
  Anne Dekeyser
  Rosemary Jane Demeulemester
  Kim Di Biaggio
  Leah Dickerson
  Kimberly Dolan
  Charlotte Donovan
  Richard Fenoglio
  Katherine Ganser
  Betty Gideon
  Ariel Grald
  Caroline Gray
  Greg and Leslie Griewe
  Donna Griffin
  Maureen and Paul Grippa
  Phyllis Hardgrove
  Lori and Jim Heim
  Holly and Chuck Hudspeth
  Mikaela Kantorowski
  Melissa Keener
  Sonya Koehler
  Tamara Langton
  Paul and Jane Lawrence
  Christopher and Tammy Leber
  Hunter and Rebecca Lumsden
  Penny Lynch
  Bridget and Colin MacNair
  Jennifer Matheson
  Judith McClaskey
  Buck and Lynn McGugan
  William Meyerhoff
  James Millar
  Jane and Tim Murray
  Cristin O' Hara
  James F. O'Rourke
  Michelle Osenbach
  Camille Pecorak
  Anne Penfield
  Performance Equine Veterinary Services
  William Reeside
  Reginald Miller Foundation
  Cynthia Roberts
  Cameron Sadler
  Greg Sanchez
  Dickie and Amy Scroggins
  Marshall Sharber
  Robin Shrode
  Southern Pines Equine Associates
  Robin Steed
  Beth Stevens
  Darlene Straub
  Karen Stroud
  Christine Thebaud
  Anne Marie Thornton
  Sheryl Thornley
  Grubb Ventrues, LLC
  Gladysann Wells
  Daphne White
  Casey Wilson
  John and Deborah Wilson
  Gale Winfree
  Maureen and Joe Wurzel
Up to $99
  Lainey Askher
  Clifford Baggett
  Joyce Barksdale
  Bell Family Foundation
  Robert Belton
  Kathy Bennett
  Michael Billups
  Charles and Sue Bopp
  Deborah Branson
  Alicia Brattin
  Harold T. Brown, Junior
  Kathy Cain
  Meredith Calhoun
  Blair Capps
  Lisa Chan
  Dee Charbonnet
  Erin Paige Clements
  Paula Colt
  Sally Cook
  Sandra Henrietta Corr
  Patsy Creighton
  Cynthia and John Crosby
  Joan Davis
  Debbie and John Day
  Gwendolyn Dean
  Catherine Devoe
  Lisa Dickson
  Sandy Edwards
  Susan Edwards
  Linda Farrow
  William G Fendley
  Rowland and Susan Firth
  Alicia Folts
  Frye Fence
  Susan Gaines
  Elizabeth H. Griffith
  Erika Gurley
  Martha Hart
  Leasa Haselden
  Jeri Herman
  Kathleen Hines
  Maureane Hoffman
  Jennifer Holmquest
  Madison Hunter
  Megan Inglis
  Jeff Kantorowski
  Melissa Kinney
  Lucy Lammer
  Alyssa Lawrence
  Noelle Lenser
  Dana and David Lesesne
  Betsy Levenson
  Carolyn Maddox
  Ray Mansur
  Mike Martone
  Michelle Matschke
  Denis Coll McCullough
  Elizabeth McNeill
  Helen Murray
  Deborah Ogden
  Wendy Owens
  Susan Perry
  Heidi Grimm Powell
  Mandy Powers
  Sarah Pyne
  Jackie Quay
  Betty L Reilly
  Rocky Start Stables, LLC
  Abby Schlicht
  Elizabeth Schmittdiel
  Andrea Smith
  Thomas Smith
  Ann Sullivan
  Lisa Taylor
  Lisa Taylor
  Sheryl Thornley
  Addie Thornley
  Portia Tome
  Cindy Welch
  Ashly Westbrook
  Alan and Christine Wilson

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