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Date: Fri. 4 May, 2018 8:00 am - Sun. 6 May, 2018 5:00 pm
Categories: Clinics & Rallies*
Close Date: Apr 13, 2018

Hosted by Eno Triangle Pony Club

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Entries are made through your club.  Follow your DC instructions on completing forms and payment.
If you send check on the Closing Date, please send overnight or second day mail!
Please do not require a signature for delivery.  

Clubs email forms and mail entry checks (checks made out to ETPC):
Jackie Quay
901 Cedar Fork Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Entry Fee: 
$175 per Rider (Includes 2 bags of shavings and competitor dinner)
$195 per nonmember rider*
$30.00 Stable manager /Assistant Stable Manager
$50.00 Camping Spot (for two Nights)
$10.00 Additional Friday night competitor dinner (Optional)
$6.00 Extra Shavings
Pinney Deposits and Stall Deposits (see below)
*Nonmembers are invited to compete in this pony club rally. Interested riders should submit paperwork through a pony club and understand the horse management requirements of a pony club competition. Non-member competitors will be judged and held to the same rules as pony club members but may compete in a separate division.

Rulebooks: All can be downloaded from

❖ Dressage Rulebook 2018
❖ Dressage Newsletter 2018
❖ Horse Management Handbook 2018
❖ Horse Management Newsletter 2018

Required Forms (email delivery preferred)

  • Club entry form (excel spreadsheet per club - including volunteer information)
  • Club Summary Form
  • Chaperone form (per team)
  • Coaches form (per club)
  • Coggins (per horse)(out of state horses should arrive with a valid health certificate)

Volunteers: The rally cannot run without the help of many volunteers. No experience is needed. We will train you before your shift starts.

Refunds: Written notification is required and the entry fee, minus $25 office fee, will be refunded. After closing date, a refund will only be given with a doctor’s or vet’s note.

Late Fees: A $25 fee for all changes, additions, request for missing paperwork for entries that have not be received by closing date.

Unloading/Parking: Please move quickly but safely to unload your horses and equipment. Please remember that parents are not allowed in the barns from the official start of the rally until the official end of the rally. Please see the HM Rulebook for more details on this subject.

Neutral Zone: The Neutral Zone will be identified in the rally program Please remember this because we don’t want any competitors to be awarded a penalty for unauthorized assistance.

Camping: Cost is $50 for the weekend, only four 30 amp plugs available (no water or sewer) so hookup is assigned to the first four registrants.


Stabling: Two bags of shavings are included with your entry fee. Stalls must be stripped clean & swept prior to departure. Stable Managers are responsible for Tack Rooms. Clubs will be charged $25 for each stall not stripped and cleaned 

Stall and pinney deposits: We are not requiring a pinney deposit.  If a pinney is not returned, we will notify the club DC and they will be responsible for returning the pinney or a replacement fee to the Carolina Region within a specified time period (two weeks).  For stall deposits, we will accept a club check written for $25/ participant including SMs and ASMs.  Stable Managers stall deposit checks apply to tack rooms and feed rooms.  If stalls are not stripped & swept clean or if the tack and feed rooms are not completely cleaned of all trash, twine, hay, paper, etc. (see Tack Rooms), we will notify the club DC and they will be responsible for getting a $25 check from the appropriate participant to Carolina Region within a specified time period.  Club deposit check will be destroyed if all stalls are satisfactory OR when payment for dirty stalls is received.  Carolina Region reserves the right to deposit the club stall deposit check if payment is not received in a timely manner (excess amount due to club may be refunded.)

Tack Rooms: We will use stalls for tack rooms. Pony Clubbers are responsible for cleaning tack rooms, feed rooms, and stalls of all trash, twine, paper, etc. Any team that does not strip their stalls clean and clear tack rooms of all trash, twine, paper, etc. will pay a cleaning fee. DO NOT use any additional nails or screw eyes when setting up your tack room. (Note: If stall walls are tampered with in any way (staples, nails, screw eyes, etc. the entire team will pay a cleaning fee regardless of whether or not the stalls are cleaned.) 

Feed Rooms: We plan to use stalls for feed rooms. 

Concessions: To be determined 

Friday Night Competitors Dinner: Eno Triangle Pony Club will be offering a Friday Night dinner right before the briefing. The cost of the dinner for competitors is included in the entry fee. The cost for additional dinners is $10. Please indicate if vegetarian is preferred 

Tack Room Coolers: Clubs please make arrangements to have a cooler in each tack room filled with hydrating liquids for your competitors. NO glass bottles. 

Dogs: Please leave your dogs at home. Dogs on the ground must be leashed. For safety’s sake, we ask that there be NO DOGS in Arenas. NO EXCEPTIONS!! A $50 fee per occurrence will be charged for loose dogs, payable to the rally facility. 

Dress: Please refer to 2018 USPC Horse Management Rulebook 2018 HM Rules for Rallies, for info about appropriate dress for all rating levels for turnout inspection at rallies.

Volunteers and Competitors must dress appropriately and wear proper footwear in the barn area. This includes SM’s and ASM’s 

REMEMBER: Jog out attire DOES NOT include Jeans or Short Shorts or Pajama pants! 

Pinneys: Each competitor will be assigned a numbered pinney which is to be worn at all times while on the grounds. Pinneys will be turned in at the end of the competition on Sunday. 

Armbands: Competitors must wear a medical armband or USPC approved medical bracelet at all times with their USPC medical form inside the armband. If you do not have an armband you can purchase one at the rally for $6. 

T-shirts: The cost is $15 for short sleeve and $17 for long sleeve T-shirts. T-Shirts are being provided by Eno Triangle Pony Club 

Mandatory Briefing: Friday Night at 6:00 pm SHARP. 

Sharing Horses

Two non-qualifying competitors may share a horse. The competitors must be on the same team. They will both come to their formal together and will receive duplicate points for the horse’s turnout and individual points for their personal turnout. They will also receive duplicate points on any other HM points. Please indicate clearly on the entry form if you are sharing a horse.


D/unrated - D Division
C - C Division
C/D - C/D Division
UL-Upper level (C3 specialty, B, A)

Teams:  Teams will be made up of mixed Ds or mixed Cs and up members regardless of division; qualifying and non-qualifying.  Each full team (3-4 riders) should have a SM entered.  ASMs should be members who have never been to a rally before, with certification no higher than D2 and under the age of 12.  ASM entry fees are the same as SM and also require pinney and stall deposit checks.  They must be fully entered, dressed and pay all SM fees.  We will do our best to put your members on the same team, but the final teams may change to insure we have full teams.

You can ride any two of the following tests on Saturday (on Sunday you will repeat the higher of the two tests or ride musical freestyle). If you plan to qualify for USPC Champs, you will need to ride Test 2, Test 3 and do a Musical freestyle or pas de deux at the same level.

2015 USDF Intro Tests A, B, C
2015 USEF Training Tests 1, 2, 3
2015 USEF First Level Tests 1, 2 3
2015 USEF Second Level Tests 1, 2, 3

All Intro tests will be ridden in a small arena. All First, Second, and musicals will be ridden in a large arena. Training tests may be in large or small depending on schedule and division but all Championship qualifiers at Training level will ride in the large arena.

A Musical Freestyle or Pas de Deux is required for any competitor planning to qualify for championships. It is not required for non-qualifiers. Music must be provided in advance as an MP3 file. You are advised to bring a backup copy as well on a thumb drive. Please make every effort to include a copy of your music with your entry. Otherwise, music must be turned in to the announcer for a sound check after the briefing on Friday evening. If you wish, a parent or friend can start the music for you.


USPC Championship Eligibility:

All members D3 through A level Pony Club members at least 12 years of age as of Jan. 1, 2018 are encouraged to qualify for USPC Championships East in Tryon, NC this year.

To qualify for a Championship team, a rider must ride 2015 USEF Tests 2 and 3 at the level at which they plan to qualify. They must ride a Freestyle (2015 for Training 1st or 2nd Level) or 2015 Pas Des Deux at the same level. Please see the Dressage Newsletter 2018 for more details on championships qualification in dressage.

Important Reminders for Championships


  • Competitor must earn a 60% or higher score on Test 3 of their competition level at the qualifying rally.
  • Championships will be divided into divisions. Training Level, First Level and Up and Western (as entries warrant)
  • Competitors will ride the same tests to qualify at the Regional Rally as they will ride at Championships. This includes Tests 2 and 3 of their division and a Musical Freestyle, Pas de Deux, or Quadrille at the same level.
  • D-3 Members qualifying at their Regional Rally or competing at Championships are not eligible for “D Exceptions” with regard to required attire, tack or bitting.
  • Dressage whips are not allowed in the competition arena at Dressage Championships; their use results in elimination for that ride. Whips are however, allowed in the warm-up arena.
  • B/H-A/A members are not required to qualify at a regional rally in order to compete at Championships. Rather, they must have the approval and recommendation of their RS.


Camping: Campers are not allowed outside the designated camper area. There are only four 30 amp plugs available which will be assigned to the first four registrants requesting camping. Additional sites are available without hookup.

Hotels: There are several hotels in the area, check the SSG website for additional information.

Tentative Rally Schedule

(Official Schedule is determined by entries and will be in your rally team packets)

Friday, May 4, 2018

3:00 PM Barns Open/ Move in/ Show Office open

5:00 PM Rally Starts Safety & Setup judging

5:30 PM Dinner served

6:00 PM Competitor/ Parent Briefing – competitors – bring helmets to the briefing

6:15 PM Volunteer Briefing

7:30 PM Jog Outs Begin (in order by pinney number)

8:30 PM Barns close unless other arrangements made ahead of time with show secretary

Saturday, May 5, 2018

6:30 AM Barns Open

7:00 AM Coaches Briefing

8:30 AM Formals Start

9:30 AM Rides Start

12:00 PM Lunch

5:30 PM Sound check for all musicals

6:00 PM Barns open to Parents

7:30 PM Barns Close

Sunday, May 6, 2018

6:30 AM Barns Open

8:00 AM Third Rides/Musicals Start

11:30 AM All Rides Finish

1:00 PM Award Ceremony – Covered Arena

Rally Ends


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