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Date: Sat. 30 Jun, 2018 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Categories: Derby Cross*
Derby CrossOpen Date: TBD  
Close Date: TBD

Divisions: Preliminary, Training, Novice, Beg Novice, Maiden



NCDCTA Recognized
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Send Entries to:

  Christine Phipps
  2814 Montrose Road
  Raeford, NC 28376
  Phone CHP: 910-875-2074
  Fax: 910-875-4310


Entry Fees: $75 per entry
Late Entries/Changes: Accepted after closing, $30 charge
Coggins: Send current coggins with entry
Stabling: $35 per night; muck fee required - separate check - $40
Shavings: $8.00 per bag - to pre-order call (910) 875-2047
RV Hookup: $34 per night
Scratch Fee: Scratches received prior to the closing date will be refunded, less a $15 office fee
Change Fee: $10

Other Information:

  • Start times will be available at Thursday prior to the event.
  • Course open for walking day before competiton at 3:00pm
  • Casual attire
  • ASTM approved helmets are required.
  • Ribbons awarded 1st through 4th place.  Awards for 1st place.

Levels Offered:

  • Preliminary: 1.10M (3'7")
  • Training: 1.00M (3'3")
  • Novice: 90cm (2'11")
  • Beg Novice: 80cm (2'7")
  • Maiden: 70cm (2'3")


A mix of Show Jumps and Cross Country fences including combinations (at appropriate levels), water complexes, banks, ditches, and mounds. Scoring: A style score between 0-10 will be given by the judge for each fence. 0 = not performed. 10 = excellent. Focus will be on pace, fluidity, synchronization of horse and rider. Faults will be deducted from score as follows - 5 faults for each pole knocked down. 5 faults for a refusal or stop at a Show Jump. 10 faults for a second refusal or stop at the same fence. Elimination for the third refusal or stop at the same fence. 10 faults for a refusal or stop at a Cross Country fence. 20 faults for the second refusal or stop at the same fence. 1 fault for every second exceeding time allowed. Elimination for the third refusal or stop at the same fence. Eliminated riders will be encouraged to complete the course as long as safety is not an issue. Highest score wins. Highest cumulative score from all seven shows wins Championship. 


Resort Area! Reserve Early! Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton 910.693.4330 (ask about CHP discount); TownePlace Suites by Marriott 910.246.5080 (ask about CHP discount).

Bed & Breakfasts with stabling & turn out: Farrfields Farm Barn & Bed 910.944.0765  

Tanglewood Farm Bed & Breakfast 910.725.2118


Marc Donovan
Organizer & SJ Course Designer

Abby Schlicht

Beth Roy
Volunteer Coordinator
(910) 690-3797

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